Hard Metal Industries Pty Ltd (HMI), commenced operations in Australia in 1999, focussing on serving the Piling/Foundation, Mining & Tunnelling, Trenching, HDD, Drilling and Wear Protection sectors. HMI’s products are manufactured in Australia, South Africa, Germany, Finland and USA, using premium quality tungsten carbide and diamond products.

HMI have offices located in Brisbane, Mackay, Sydney, Perth, New Zealand and South Africa and employ more than 55 staff across these locations. In house design, engineering and manufacturing take place at head office in Brisbane.

With a strong focus on providing quality products, exceptional service and effective solutions to clients, HMI’s position in the market can be summarised with three key words; relationships, quality and service.

Success in these areas is achieved by the collective knowledge and experience of our team members and keeping open lines of communication with customers.

Positioned as a global company with local support, this unique dynamic allows customers to access a diverse product range and specialist advice.