Pinssar is a 100% wholly Australian owned and operated company with its international head office located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The company was founded by Mr. Francois Velge who has a passion for new technology and specifically air monitoring.

Pinssar designs, develops and manufactures monitoring systems and devices that have been developed to offer greater measurement abilities – up to 800 nanometers – which are designed to identify detect (DPM) diesel particulate matter from diesel engine exhaust emissions.

Diesel particulate matter (DPM) is of great concern for all charged with the responsibility of ensuring workplace health and safety in a number of confined environs where diesel engines expel potentially deadly diesel engine exhaust emissions.

Pinssar Technology can be customised for an entire workplace environ regardless of size – whether it be a tunnel, underground mine, workshop, or any confined space environment where diesel engine exhaust emissions can potentially present a threat to the health and safety of humans.

Pinssar also offers a range of professional services to support the implementation of the air monitoring technology and help customers achieve the desired goals and outcomes.

The Pinssar team has extensive experience in electronics, communications, and information technology, and is driven by customer needs and priorities.