Prof. Robert Galler

Professor for Geotechnics...
University of Leoben, Aus...

Professor for Geotechnics and Underground Constructions
University of Leoben, Austria

Robert Galler graduated from the Mining University Leoben, Austria, in 1993. He obtained a Ph.D. in Subsurface Engineering at the University of Leoben in 1997. From 1997 to 2007 he worked with Geoconsult ZT GmbH, Salzburg, Austria as Project Manager in Design and Construction of Underground Structures.

Reference Projects are the New High Speed Rail Link between Cologne and Frankfurt in Germany; the Tender design for the Semmering Base Tunnel in Austria and the Preliminary Design for the Brenner Base Tunnel.

Since November 2006 he is Full-Professor for Subsurface Engineering at Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria. Furthermore he is Head of the Department Mineral Resources Engineering as well as Head of the Department “Zentrum am Berg”, a 1:1-scale underground research and development center as well as a training and education center for all aspects of underground structures.

Presentation: Development of Resource-Efficient & Advanced Underground Technologies