SIXENSE is a digital technologies and services provider to the construction industry. Our solutions specialised for Infrastructures, Soil and the Environment enable to understand, analyse and anticipate the behavior of physical assets during construction and operations.

SIXENSE aims to provide integrated support to designers, builders, operators and infrastructure owners around three poles of competence:

  1. Instrumentation & monitoring for Risk mitigation

We provide A to Z integrated monitoring services for soil, structure and the environment. All data is centralised in our cloud based digital platform, Geoscope, creating a common situational awareness for all stakeholders.

  1. “BIM in the field” for Productivity

Our Digital Site platform is a tablet based digital environment that brings your BIM in to the field to get the most out of it for inspection, control, snagging… It drastically increases the productivity of the teams from either the main contractor or subcontractors.

  1. Life cycle Asset Management for Optimization of operations and maintenance

Our ScanPrint platform is a digital tool specifically designed to manage the maintenance and life cycle of assets in the transportation industry. 600,000 bridges in the USA or 34,000 assets of the French railway network are just two in a long list of references.

As a group, SIXENSE (previously SOLDATA) has been the sole Instrumentation & Monitoring body of more than 70 major tunnel constructions around the world for the last 20 years and is currently involved in landmark projects in Australia and New Zealand.



Contact :
Eric Audigé, Managing Director
+61 (0)3 9510 0582