Why Attend ATS2017

ATS2017 will exceed the success of 2014 with

    • Over 400 attendees
    • Over 80 peer reviewed technical papers
    • Numerous international technical papers
    • Over 50 sponsors and exhibitors
    • Senior government keynote speakers
    • Major project sponsor keynote speakers

ATS2017 will assist you to –

  • Keep up to date with the latest tunnelling key issues and future projects
  • Engage in valuable discussions with industry stakeholders presenting on key issues
  • Connect and network with fellow tunnelling industry professionals
  • Participate in the three-day exhibition where you can see the latest products and services from the leading industry organisation
  • Attend Presentations in streams including:

1. Urban Planning, Project Development and Project Delivery
Project Financing, Procurement, Environmental Assessment, Value Capture, Project Case Studies

2. Construction Methodologies
Equipment and Applications, Materials, Mining, Durability, Pavement and Civil-fitout

3. Ground and Ground Support
Geology, Geotechnics, Tunnel Linings, Groundwater, Waterproofing, Settlement

4. Systems, Operation and Maintenance
Safety, Ventilation, Fire, ITS, Systems Engineering, Project Risk, Training Program

5. Urban Design and Aesthetic
Community Engagement, Customer Experience, Underground Space, Architectural Strategies, Social Benefit, Human Factors and Psychology

6. Digital Tunnel and Data
Asset Information Modelling, Standardisation, Survey, Monitoring, Operations, New Technologies and Software Analytics

Who Should Attend?

  • Tunnelling professionals and students from all disciplines including: engineering, mine ventilation, project management and geology
  • Government departments including: infrastructure and services, mines, natural resources, primary industries, environment, water, community and transport
  • Professionals involved in financing major infrastructure
  • Consultants
  • Academia and research organisations
  • Affiliated industry organisations and professional bodies